Monday, 13 January 2014


This is the question – so, it’s all about what is most suitable for you and your Company.

In their favour Plastic Business Cards are printed on to 760 micron Plastic, the same as your credit card. They can be printed on both sides in as many colours as you wish. They are hard wearing and waterproof and can be very eye catching.
Your customer will tend to keep them instead of tossing them in the bin as they won’t get ‘dog eared’.
The types of foils that we offer is endless in both design and colours, as are the blank plastic cards. This enables us to match to or create cards and stationery to match your Company profile.
We will design for you, if you wish, to achieve the best results and if you require samples of other cards that we have printed then we can send some to you for ‘Hands on Approval’.
Regarding Card Business Cards, as an example we can print in full colour or single colour on to 400gsm White board and then if you wish we can add an overprint of Metallic foil. These can be printed both sides or you can leave the reverse blank to write appointments on or prices for your customer to take away, so, Salesmen, and Hairdressers come to mind. We also have a card which has a shiny coated surface (again many colours are available) to the front and a matt writable surface to the reverse – this is something that you cannot do on a plastic card.
Again we can achieve dramatic or businesslike results depending on your type of business.
Generally speaking Card Business Cards work out at a lower cost than Plastic Cards but they haven’t got the longevity. So, as you can see there are pros and cons for both types of card – we offer samples, advice and design knowhow to help you make up your mind.

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